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Family Adventures partners with local churches and organizations in Florida to provide activities and opportunities for the family.  We provide opportunities to strengthen the family through fun activities, both locally and in a retreat center environment.


Our motto is “Life’s an adventure, take your family.”  Families in our society are struggling.  They struggle to connect with each other, understand each other, and ultimately stay together.  In the Disney Pixar movie, The Incredibles, Mr. Incredible acknowledges that his family is his biggest adventure, but he’s missing it by looking elsewhere for adventure.  Families today struggle in the same way.  Family Adventures exists to offer an environment to promote family unity!


Life’s greatest adventure is your family.  Don’t miss it!

​Upcoming Events

Family Adventures offers fun-filled events for your family!  From themed events like campouts to special nights like Skate Nights, we do the planning, you have the fun.


Find out what's next for your family to do.

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